Friday, November 25, 2011

Satisfying your pumpkin pie cravings...with no crust...and no pumpkin?

So, you say the one thing you really missed about Thanksgiving was the pumpkin pie? How about trying a crustless "pie" with a crumble topping? And how about trying an alternative to pumpkin...say, a delicata squash maple pie? I tried this recipe:
Sans the crust with fairly good results! I made mine in individual ramekins instead of a pie plate and cooked for a slightly shorter time...then crumpled toffee pieces over the top for crunch! (If you are not nut-allergic, crushed toasted hazelnuts or pecans work well too...and, of course, add more nutrition than toffee!)
There's an alternative delicata squash recipe up at Wegman's, again, of course, you can skip the crust or use a pre-made gluten free one (I prefer the former to the latter...)

What about you? Gluten-free pie crust or crustless? Pumpkin, sweet potato, delicata squash...or do you have alternative ideas?

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