Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Grilling Out Ideas - Things on Skewers!

Okay, I know that the summer makes it relatively easy to be gluten-free - especially when you fire up that grill. Everything on a skewer should be gluten-free, right? Here are some ideas for your next grill-out or party:

I like to use sturdy metal skewers that you can wash and re-use, but you can use wooden ones (soak them in water first to prevent burning) or even rosemary stems (same treatment)!

My current favorite dinner time skewer is:

--cubed beef tenderloin, button mushroom, and fennel skewer. Put your cubed beef, button mushrooms, and cubed pieces of fennel bulb in a pomegranate, brown sugar, salt, and safflower oil marinade, wait fifteen-thirty minutes, then thread on the skewer. Grill for about seven-ten minutes a side on medium heat. Fennel and mushroom can stand up to the amount of time it takes to grill meat, as opposed to a more delicate veggie (like a tomato). If you feel like you want a starch in there, I throw in little baby redskin potatoes that have been parboiled (boiled until they're still a bit raw, not soft) and then stick them right on that skewer - delicious in the same marinade. And for your vegetarian friends? Add in a sliced red pepper and onion, skip the beef, and you will have yourself a happy vegetarian.

--watermelon and feta (or halloumi) cheese skewers. A great use for leftover watermelon and creates a more savory flavor than fresh watermelon (and I think much better.) No need for a marinade, but you might want to brush with a little sugar water with a bit of your favorite oil in it and sprinkle a little sea salt on at the end. I think this skewer goes really well with mint or basil, too. Grill for five minutes on low-medium heat.

--Beet, avocado, fennel salad skewers! Delicious and unexpected, and so refreshing on hot days when you just aren't into meat. (I know, I know, but it does happen.) You could use steamed beets to speed up the process, but again, just brush everything with a little oil and sugar-salt-water mixture, then five minutes a side on medium heat. (Brushing a little lime juice on the skewer will keep the avocado from browning, if you don't like the appeal of brown grilled avocado. It's delicious either way!)