Monday, October 24, 2011

Delicious fall-friendly foods - the gluten-free edition!

Wanted to post a couple of recipes that might seem extra-satisfying now that it's getting a little colder.
One is the delicious butterscotch budino from Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza. It is, in fact, the most delicious pudding I have ever tasted. I didn't think I liked puddings or butterscotch, but this recipe changed my mind:

The other is a variation on a creation I've seen on a lot of gluten-free menus, the broiled stuffed date. Sometimes wrapped in bacon, sometimes with blue cheese favorite variation is the following:
--Procure the following: some fresh soft goat cheese, some big dates that are pre-seeded for easier stuffing, marcona almonds, and some thin slices of prosciutto. (A little good balsamic reduction at the end is optional...)
--Slice the date horizontally, nestle the marcona almond inside, pipe a little goat cheese next to the almond, and close it back up.
--wrap the date in a slice of prosciutto.
--Broil on each side for about three minutes.
Yum! Then drizzle with your reduced balsamic vinegar...perfect, hot, satisfying snacks for your gluten-free guests!