Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flying Apron Bakery Review - Redmond Branch

Vegan and gluten-free bakery Flying Apron opened an East-side location in Redmond after a couple of years of success with their other Seattle locations. They've also started supplying the local Whole Foods with cupcakes and other goodies.
So I had to stop in and check it out for myself. The staff was friendly enough, and though some items did have their ingredients listed, not all of them did, and the staff did not seem to know the ingredients (yikes! Not knowing the flours used in the cupcakes is kind of dangerous is you're dealing with people with food allergies.) We tried a cinnamon roll, a corn-berry muffin, and a cupcake. The cupcake's frosting melted before we got to it, but Glenn pronounced the cupcake cake itself moist, dense, and chocolatey, but the frosting was sort of "meh." That was the best of the three - the cinnamon roll was too dry and grainy, and the corn-berry muffin was tough to get through (and Glenn also remarked it caused him, um, tummy trouble later in the day. Maybe the flax?) So, not a slam-dunk, but on the East-side, beggars cannot be choosers! The prices are a little on the high side (around $5 for each item.)
We'll try them again for their pizza dough (gluten-free pizza doughs are really tough - we haven't found one yet we could manage to actually eat more than a few bites of) and maybe a cookie or another type of muffin? Maybe a scone? We think every gluten-free bakery deserves at least two visits!