Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Cooking Channel My Life in Food

Ironically, since I was diagnosed with food allergies, I have become a bit addicted to watching The Food Network and The Cooking Channel; I watch things like Cupcake Wars and Iron Chef and the occasional Ina Garten show. Sometimes I even pick up tips on the side - for instance, watching Iron Chef Morimoto and Bobby Flay in the big old kitchen stadium taught me techniques like tempura battering, no joke! This weekend I chanced in a viewing of a show called "My Life in Food," and this particular episode dealt with celiac disease and food allergies. Jennifer Esposito, an actress, talks about her celiac diagnosis, and Sloane Miller, whose "Allergic Girl" blog Please Don't Pass the Nuts was one of the first to try to raise awareness for food allergies, talks about going to restaurants and dealing with food allergies there. It was really nice to have something like this on a food network, giving some guidance as to shopping, eating out, etc. I wished they had regular programming that addressed needs like wheat-free eating and allergy-free recipes!

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  1. Hi there,

    Somehow I found your page tonight while I was searching for a recipe...thanks for all your great insight. I found the recipe I was looking for on the "Book of Yum" page from your blog roll. You have inspired me to get back to blogging. Thanks!