Sunday, March 20, 2011

Portland's Gluten-Free Pizza choices; now where are Seattle's?

I was cheered to see a gluten-free pizza joint mentioned in the March Portland Monthly's feature of pizza in Portland:
(Under "Clever Crusts:" Sellwood Pizza Kitchen)
Then, another blog highlighted yet another gluten-free pizza option:
at Portobello's, which also does Vegan pizza.

And I started to think, I'm a little jealous. Where are Seattle's gluten-free pizza options? Where is Seattle Magazine's feature on gluten-free pizza? Are you listening, Seattle Met? Or 425 Magazine? We need info on pizza! It is the one flour-based craving I still continually get. The only one I know about for sure is Garlic Jim's. Anyone?


  1. Wow, you must be living in a cave! You've got options in Seattle, and probably more than Portland. Razzi's Pizza (formerly a Romio's) in Greenwood is awesome - massive GF pizza/pasta/sandwich/beer menu, and delicious! Romio's Pizza in Eastlake also has a GF menu. I also recommend Zaw Pizza, which is especially awesome if you like thin-crust. Turnpike Pizza (New York style) in Greenlake now has a GF crust option, though I haven't had it yet, so I can't attest to how good it is. Some of the Alfy's Pizzas also have GF crust, though it's definitely the worst I've had. I have also heard of a few places in the 'burbs outside of Seattle that now have GF pizza crust options. So you definitely have some options! Also, have you tried any frozen pizzas yet? They have good ones at most of the grocery stores around here (best selections at Whole Foods, PCC, and Madison Market) - Glutino's and Amy's are good.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, Storie! I've been away from Seattle for two years and when I lived here before, I could eat wheat without anaphyalxis, so I was loving Tutta Bella and Serious Pie, etc. But I'm anxious to find these places and try them out. I had very high pizza standards before the wheat allergy, so I'm hoping to find something actually good that's also gluten free.
    The frozen pizzas have all been terrible so far. Maybe I'm picky, but I've tried them all, and they're nothing like "the real thing." Still looking! Maybe I'll do a frozen pizza cookoff review, and a review of available crusts like Udi's too, though.

  3. The best GF pizza in Seattle has to be Pizza Pi in the U-district. It's also vegan, which is great for my husband and me (long time vegetarians). Yes, garlic jims also has a GF variety...but you may get cross-contaminated there, so be careful. And check out Flying Apron in Fremont...everything they have in the restaurant is 100% GF!

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