Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meeting for Happy Hour in Downtown Seattle - Tango

Ever wish you could meet your girlfriends downtown for Happy Hour like a "normal" person? One of my great discoveries over the past years of eating gluten-free are the South American, Cuban, and Spanish cuisines, often naturally wheat-less. One of my favorite places to eat in Napa Valley while I lived there was a Venezuelan restaurant called "Pica Pica," a completely gluten-free place, filled with delicious options and no wrong choices - corn-based grilled-cheese sandwiches called the "maizewich" and arepas, soups and salads. (If you're ever in Napa, be sure to stop by - they have an outpost in San Francisco, now, too.)

Anyway, one of my favorite Happy Hours in downtown Seattle even before I went gluten-free was Tango, a restaurant with a melange of Cuban, Argentian, and Spanish menu items. Parking is a bit tough (valet parking at a nearby hotel is your best option)and the location, between downtown and Capital Hill, is a bit further out, but check out this gluten-free menu:
The desserts are often gluten free, though they're not all listed here - and the appetizers, particularly the carnitas, are so tasty! I've never tried their paellas - it's hard to get past the appetizers - but I'm really looking for it. This is for when you're up for eating spices and a bit more adventurously, but the service has always been lovely and, like I said, a special gluten-free menu! The drinks are terrific as well, especially the variations on the mojito, which makes it ideal for a get-together right after work.

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